Beyond Storage: Exploring the Endless Possibilities of Amazon S3

Beyond Storage: Exploring the Endless Possibilities of Amazon S3

You know, if you are not told of the endless possibilities of Amazon S3, you would not know. I will be sharing some that you can use even without being a learner of the AWS services.

1. Backup and Storage: I remember working for a client from upwork who stored her zoom meeting recordings with her clients on Amazon S3. I was intrigued to know that she used it. The beautiful thing is that it is automatically encrypted when you save in Amazon S3 until you make it public and share the link with whomever you want or you just assign the individuals roles with their emails. Just like that. It has a storage of upto 5TB so be sure to store large flat files like pictures and videos, and even music uploads.

2. Software Delivery: If you are business person or a developer or anyone at all and you have application to host, you can host the application on Amazon S3 for your customers to download from anywhere in the world. Cool right?

3. Static Websites: When I was preparing for my AWS Cloud Computing exam, I remember doing a couple of hands-on projects and one of it was creating and hosting a static website on Amazon S3 using source codes of HTML and CSS. You can also create a website too using Amazon S3 and it is free except you want to run it continuously ,then you pay for what you want to use, choosing the plan that suits your needs.

PS: A static website is a type of website that consists of fixed content that is displayed to the user exactly as it is stored on the web server. In other words, the content of a static website remains the same regardless of who is accessing it and when they are accessing it.

4. Static Content: You can store your static content even in large files too on Amazon S3 and have it accessed from anywhere in the world at all too.

Did you learn anything today?

Which of them was a new knowledge to you?