Resources I Used For My Microsoft Azure Exams

Resources I Used For My Microsoft Azure Exams

3 months ago,I had 2days rest after my examination. Slept sufficiently without having to study. It felt strange because I have been used to studying every day but I deliberately didn’t open anything. I just worked and cleaned my home.

I want to share some of the resources that helped me prepare for Azure fundamentals in one month. I will need to be truthful with you that it was my knowledge of AWS CCP that helped me prepare for Azure in a short time. This azure exam is HARD and this is not me scaring you. I am only preparing your mind for this journey.

I used Adam Marczak’s Youtube video and it was helpful a great deal. Just watch the videos, and jot down a lot, especially the summary and key characteristics. They are helpful. I did a lot of drawing of illustrations to help me understand the concepts. Each video comes with questions to test your knowledge of what you learned. There are about 39 videos in there. I shared the videos into 14 days to make sure I finished them. I did 3 videos at least and 5 videos at most daily. You should check it out.

Pluralsight is another great resource to use too. It has hands-on and you can use it.

Simplilearn is another great resource to use and there are hands-on you can watch and demonstrate with too.

This is the learning material from Microsoft themselves for Azure Fundamentals. If you do great with visuals, please start with Adam’s resources above before doing this one. It will help you understand better.

This is one of my favorite channels. This is for past questions. I enjoyed using the videos that had 191 questions and 135 questions respectively. Some of these questions came out in my exam amongst other ones I did not know. If you are able to finish the questions in this channel after studying extensively, you are good to go. You should check it out. I made sure to play each question, and attempt it myself before seeing their own answers. It made me know my level of understanding while attempting them.

Then I did a lot of Udemy past questions too. It was a whole lot really and I am grateful they all paid off. And to think I got clarity with this strategy of studying 3 weeks before the exam but I made sure to do back-to-back studying.

I hope you find this very useful. If you did, comment,like and share it with your network so they find it useful too.

Have a beautiful week!