Tech Is A Journey. It's Not A Next Stop At The Bus Stop.

Tech Is A Journey. It's Not A Next Stop At The Bus Stop.

If there's one thing I've learnt and known on this tech journey,it will be that learning an IT support skill which you can simply refer to as simple digital skill is easy to learn within a short period of time and you can start earning from it almost immediately. It's one of the shortest route to earning after learning. IT support skills takes one month or even less of learning. I personally learnt for a month and got my first remote job on Upwork 10 days after the training.

But you see core tech! It's never the same. This will take you about 6 months to a year, sometimes even more to even learn the skill, then the job search could take months before you hit it. The difference between core tech skills and simple digital skills is that when you eventually start earning from tech,the money will be multiple of what you were earning in the latter.

For someone like me transitioning into cloud computing,I'm not even in a hurry to get a job in it. You know why? Aside making sure to acquire as many certifications that would help me build my CV and make me qualified for a job,I need to learn the technical skills and it doesn't come easy at all. Wanting to be a Solutions Architect doesn't even make it easy cos to be able to proffer solutions or give suggestions and consultations of services to clients,you need to understand how this cloud Services work so you're sure of what you're doing or saying. Amazon has over 200 services and I haven't even scratched the surface despite doing hands-on as much as I can.

Tech is a journey. It's not a next stop at the bus stop. It most likely will take me a year from when I started to start bidding for jobs and that's okay. I want to be fully equipped for the marketplace.

So when you decide to start the journey irrespective of the tech field, please don't be in a hurry.

A path like Cloud Computing that requires like at least 2-3 certifications before you can fit into a job description,you need about a year to be able to gather those certifications but you must be ready to sandwich them with hands-on practicals because Cloud is about practicals and more practicals.

Take the tech journey slowly and don't be hard on yourself on getting a job quickly. It's not simple digital skills but knowledge on simple digital skills will go a long way on the tech journey for you.

Enjoy the process without skipping any part and do all that is necessary for you to be able to compete out there for that job when you start bidding.

I wish you the absolute best!